How to Play EZ-9 baccarat

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How to Play EZ-9 baccarat

How to Play EZ-9 baccarat

June 29, 2021  Authorbaji88

Rules of EZ-9 baccarat

  • The game is played with 12 customized 36-card decks containing only face cards and aces to sixes. To put it another way, the sevens, eights, nines, and tens have been eliminated.
  • Aces are worth one point, two to six points depending on pip value, and face cards are worth zero.
  • The point value of two or more cards is the same as in baccarat and equals the sum of the cards' terminal digits.
  • The player and the dealer will each receive three cards after placing a stake.
  • To build his best hand, the player may employ any combination of two or three of his cards.
  • If the player has a 9-point hand with the numbers 2-3-4 or 3-3-3, it will win and pay 3 to 2.
  • After that, the dealer must flip over his cards and build the best hand possible with any two or three of them.
  • All remaining wagers will push if the dealer has a 0-point hand consisting of three face cards.
  • Otherwise, if the player has more points, they will win and receive an equal amount of money. A tie occurs when the number of points is equal. The player's wager will be lost if the dealer has more points.

In EZ-9, the chance and return of all potential outcomes are shown in the table below. The house edge in the lower right cell is 2.85%.

EZ-9 Return Analysis
Player 2/3/4 or 3/3/3 1.5 0.96% 1.44%
Player wins 1 39.38% 39.38%
Dealer three face cards 0 3.62% 0.00%
Push 0 12.37% 0.00%
Dealer wins -1 43.67% -43.67%
Total 100.00% -2.85%

My analysis of the $1 Triple Match side bet is shown in the table below. A progressive jackpot is awarded for a 3-3-3 in diamonds. This jackpot starts at $2,000 and increases by 5% for every dollar wagered. The average victory is used to calculate the win in the table below.

Winnings in the Triple Match are paid "for one." To put it another way, the original bet is never refunded. The house edge of 11.232% is reflected in the 88.768% return.

Triple Match Return Analysis
3-3-3 in Diamonds 5032.67 0.00% 8.30%
Suited three of a kind 250 0.06% 14.43%
Colored three of a kind 100 0.21% 21.37%
Three of a kind 50 0.89% 44.68%
Total 1.17% 88.77%